Trade unions have held a rally of protest against poverty in Kyiv Monday. The rally, organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine on the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, involved about 1.5 thousand people. They represented companies from different regions of Ukraine.

In its resolution adopted at the meeting, the Federation demanded that the power prohibit interference in union activities and ensure social rights of all working people, UKRINFORM reports.

Specifically, union representatives demanded that President Viktor Yanukovych fulfill his campaign commitment to overcome poverty and introduce in Ukraine the European standards of living, and the Parliament establish minimum wages and pensions that would meet the real cost of living.

The unions threatened with massive protests in the event of negligence of their claims, while the protesters marched to the buildings of the Cabinet of Ministers, Parliament and Presidential Administration.

As reported, President Viktor Yanukovych reported in his today's address on the occasion of the international day against poverty about the reduction by 2.3% in 2010 in the number of citizens living below the poverty line, and said that the country in this respect has made a significant progress.

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