October 15 Alushta (Crimea) held a roundtable on "20 years of independence of Ukraine: expert poll of Southern regions of Ukraine." In the course of the roundtable the head of the Center of regional research and strategy Andriy Hudenko presented the results of an expert social poll dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Ukraine's independence.

Hence, 84% of respondents believe that every region should control and run the major part of the income and to send the smaller part to the central authorities.

70% of respondents believe that territorial communities should have more independency in deciding social and economic problems.

The majority of experts also believe that 20 and 10 years ago Ukraine had more opportunities for modernization than it has now.

As for the trust in government institutions, the situation is quite interesting. According to the result, the Church enjoys the biggest authority (index +36), while courts and tax bodies have very little stroke with the public, index -62 and -47 respectively.

Regarding the reforms, 30.9% of experts support the reforms in general, but believe that the way the reforms are being carried out is wrong. 16% believe that the reforms are going in a wrong direction, and 21% of respondents believe the reforms are not being carried out at all. Only 28.4% of respondents support the reforms in full.

The expert poll was held in Septembe in Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odesa regions and Crimea. 80 experts among officials, deputies and local council, political scientists and public figures were questioned.

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