Chairman of the village council Mykhailo Yhvan vetoed Friday the decision to rename the Peace Street into the street of Nachtigall battalion in Railiv village.

Residents of the village are still surprised, as no one expected such keen reaction to the new name of the street. On Sunday the village residents asked the chairman to return the old name, Peace Street, claiming they did not know about historical past of Nachtigall battalion. According to Yahvan, the village council is holding an emergency session today in order to keep the name of the street.

The chairman admitted he still does not know why the street was renamed after very Nachtigall. "Nachtigall battalion never stationed in our village, as our senior residents or their relatives never made a part of it," he explained and added he did not expect "such scandal" and that representatives of the 'Svoboda' party misled his and village residents.

"We were addressed by 'Svoboda' members with a proposition to rename the street. They started to collect signatures and gathered only 38 out of 322. Besides, as they were initiators of the decision, we thought this party would settle all financial issues, including registration of documents and production of new street signs," Yahvan said.

Chairman of the Lviv regional organization of 'Svoboda' party Iryna Sekh refused to comment, saying the decision must be made by villagers.

Deputy of the local regional council Marian Berezdetski, the initiator of the street renaming, also refused to comment on the situation.

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