If the parliamentary elections in autumn 2012 are held without participation of the opposition, they will not be recognized either by the EU, or the USA or Russia.

This opinion was expressed by leader of the oppositional Front for Change Arseniy Yatseniuk at a press conference in Dnipropetrovsk, UKRINFORM reported.

"My position is categorical - elections should be held with participation of former Prime Minister Tymoshenko. And here the opposition should show a coordinated approach," Yatseniuk noted.

According to him, if total opposition is not participating in the elections "this means, first, that it is impossible to hold legitimate elections, second, those elections will not be recognized by anybody."

"I mean Brussels, Washington... Following recent statements by the Russian MFA and the future president of the Russian Federation, I think that the parliamentary elections in Ukraine will not be recognized by Russia too," Yatseniuk stated.

The deputy underscored that oppositional forces keep to a single negative position regarding amendments to the law on elections to the Verkhovna Rada, initiated by the power, and they will not support those amendments.

In a year before the election, the opposition may vote only for technical amendments to the existing law, which will make the election process more transparent," he noted.

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