At October 29-30 night Ukraine was supposed to switch to 'winter time'. However, due to the new law adopted by the parliament September 20, not this time. Many experts criticize the decision, saying it is groundless and calling the authorities to revise the decision. 

ForUm addressed the head of the state commission on common time and frequencies Yaroslav Yatskiv with a request to explain the situation.

"This decision is absurd. Individual decision of Ukraine creates a number of inconveniences, including communications, transportation, work schedules and others," he said.

Yatskiv noted that that there is only 'summer time' we switch to and from. "There is no such thing as winter time, because in this period we are following the real time of natural order," he underlined.

The expert informed that October 12 he together with Emergency Minister Viktor Baloha delivered a letter to the president with a request to maintain the second time zone. "We suggest keeping the second time zone without additional hour, as adopted by the parliament. It means that we should cancel the time conversion, but in spring," he informed.

According to Yatskiv, the letter also contains recommendations to introduce regional work schedule. "In different regions a working day should start in accordance with solar time. If in Kyiv we start working at 9 a.m., then in Luhansk they should start half an hour earlier, and in Uzhgorod 30-60 minutes later. Then there will order in the country," he explained.

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