Presently, the ecological state of 88% of Ukraine's rivers and their basins is disastrous regarding the water quality classification, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka told a meeting of the board on legal activities in the sphere of water relations, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to him, the most contaminated basins are those of Dnestr, Dunai, Western Bug, Severski Donets, as well as rivers of Azov region.

"Azov Sea is a zone of ecological disaster. If earlier it had 114 kinds of fish and the total catch amounted 300 thousand tons annually, now it has reduced by six times. The situation on the main Ukraine's thoroughfare Dnepr is no better," Pshonka said.

The Prosecutor General addressed all water resources agencies, including the Ecology ministry, pointing to the flaws of their work. According to him, the Ecology Ministry has not developed state standards of drinking water yet, as well as sanitary requirements or quality control procedure.

The Prosecutor General also drew attention to the fact that law enforcement bodies neglect their direct obligations regarding law violation in this sphere. According to him, about 500 criminal actions had been instituted in accordance with violations in the water resources sphere, and only five of them made it to the court. "Hence none of the cases were processed against big enterprises, which can be accused of water contamination, illegal waste spew and mass death of fish," he noted.

Pshonka pointed out that the current situation appeared due to lack of complex approach to the problem. The Prosecutor General informed the meeting that having analyzed the issue and having studied the experience of prosecutor's offices of other countries, he decreed to form an ecological department of the Prosecutor's General Office, which will control the observation of norms of the environment-oriented legislation.

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