Commenting on the Kyiv Pechersk district court verdict MP of Ukraine, member of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction Volodymyr Oliynyk said that the case of ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is a striking lesson for policy makers, ForUm learned from the press office of the Party of Regions.

"The court found that Ms. Tymoshenko exceeded her powers, deliberately misled the head of Naftogaz Oleh Dubyna and his deputy and issued a directive in excess of authority, which is in essence a document of the Cabinet, and without appropriate authority, presented the document as a document of Cabinet. As a result, the agreement was signed, which conflicted with national interests of Ukraine and caused losses amounting to half a billion. That is former Prime Minister resorted to fraud," the MP said.

"It's direct damages, but consequential damages are even greater: inflated gas price was transferred to the price of all goods and food, as well as tariffs for communal services," Volodymyr Oliynyk emphasized. "Even the experts say that the base price of $ 450 was political," he added.

According to politician, 2009 gas contracts were the result of the agreement between Prime Ministers, "and after their signing Ukraine found itself in very unfavourable conditions in comparison with countries such as Germany, where the base price was $ 250, Austria and the Czech Republic, where basic price was 250-300 dollars, and for Ukraine - $ 450." "And this is despite of the fact that we are in terms of transit closer to Russia," Volodymyr Oliynyk said.

He also reminded that the first who sounded alarm about illegal actions and elements of crime while gas contracts signing were the journalists. "They conducted a journalistic investigation, on January 20 they published their findings and drew the attention of the public on the fact that on behalf of the Ukrainian people and the Government of Ukraine officials were acting in excess of authority, which was a threat to national interests. And only then the law enforcement agencies joined," the parliamentarian said.

In his view, one should also consider that the verdict is not in force yet: "Under the Criminal Code the parties of the trial have the right to appeal the sentence during 15 days from the date of sentencing and for those who are in custody - after handling a copy of the sentence." "So, one can not say today that this verdict is final, only after the parties will receive the decision of the Court of Appeal, the sentence will come into force and then one will speak about guilt of a person in full. It is a sentence of the court of primary jurisdiction, which will be subject to appeal," said Volodymyr Oliynyk.

"In my opinion, this is a very striking lesson for officials that they must act exclusively within the legal framework, based on laws and in a manner determined by laws, as required by Art. 19 of the Constitution of Ukraine. For any excess of authority officials must be brought to justice," he concluded.

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