People's party, headed by Ukrainina speaker Volodymyr, has initiated talks on merging with the Party of Regions, Lytyn told a press conference in Lviv.

"The Party of Regions has the biggest potential for today, and we have a choice either to step aside and criticize or to join and assist in realization of this potential," Lytvyn said. According to him, the Party of Regions is the reality, which must be accepted and assisted in creation of the state.

"The People's party has many qualified specialists and I don't want them to get lost. I am a person, who does not stand extremity, and I don't want my position to be lost either," the speaker said.

"I don't know what the opposition is, but I know what is to work and defend your point of view. It is a difficult task, and it is easier to declare war and criticize, but I believe that wars are harmful for Ukraine," Lytyn summed up.


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