The parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions is ready to agree to commutation of sentence of Yulia Tymohenko if she admits her guilt, PR deputy Volodymyr Oliynyk told the press, ForUm's correspondent reports.

"The opposition proposed to decriminalize the article of the Criminal Code, according to which Tymoshenko was processed, but they did not propose any alternative. If they proposed administrative responsibility and fine I would support this proposition. But in this case someone has to admit the guilt," he said.

In response to ForUm's question whether the Party of Regions would support the initiative to decriminalize the article, according to which Tymoshenko was sentenced, if she admited her guilt, Oliynyk said: "I know that Tymoshenko's defense stands on her innocence, but on the other hand we got a proposition to decriminalize her crime. It is some sort of an attempt to fins a compromise, but it must be based at least on admission of guilt."

Commenting on today's court decision the politician noted that Tymoshenko was given the minimal term, however she cannot be considered a convict till she uses her right for appeal. "Only after appeal and corresponding decision the sentence will come into force,' he summed up.

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