The decision of the parliament to cancel annual conversion of time and to set 'summer time' zone on territory of Ukraine can be appealed in court, as it affects interests of millions of Ukrainians, Emergency Minister Viktor Baloha declares, ForUm learned in the press office of the emergency department.

The minister notes that the parliament had made obviously wrong decision. "Rada has not just acted against common sense, but also against the law of nature and science. The MPs deprived the citizens of the right to live in accordance with natural order," Baloha said.

The minister believes the parliament must correct the mistake. "The officials work for interests of the society and the state. We are just employees, working for the money of taxpayers. We all can make mistakes, but it is very important to know to admit our mistakes and to correct them. Nothing prevents deputies from reconsidering the decision on setting 'summer time'. There are more than enough arguments regarding establishing 'winter time' in Ukraine," he says.

At the same time the official notes that the parliament does not admit its mistake and ignores the appeals, hoping the interest to this issue will be lost eventually.

"However, they should not hope for the issue to be resolved by itself. Millions of people are angry, and it is not the case to make them the enemies of the authorities. If the parliament continues pretending like nothing is happening, there are legal measures to make them do something," Baloha pointed out.

According to the minister, the decree of the parliament can be appealed in court, because it violates the rights of millions of citizens.

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