Managing Director for Energy and Natural Resources at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Riccardo Puliti has said he believes that Ukraine's key problem is its dependence on energy imports from one source.

"Last year, natural gas imports from Russia amounted to 33 billion cubic meters. This is more than France consumes, and, by the way, it gets energy from different sources," Puliti said in an interview with Mirror Weekly, according to UKRINFORM.

He said that the EBRD was ready to participate in projects to build up hydrocarbon production in Ukraine. This could be conventional gas and unconventional sources of gas (biogas, coal bed methane, and shale gas). The bank's experts are studying proposed projects for the organization of production from land and sea (offshore) fields.

At the same time, Puliti said that the EBRD would not finance the exploration of energy resources. "We do not finance exploration. We work only with proven reserves. And there are a lot of them in Ukraine," he said.

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