At 25th anniversary of Ukraine's independence it is planned to issue 20-volume Explanatory Dictionary of the Ukrainian language, National Academy official Volodymyr Shyrokov informed.
He noted that the current Explanatory Dictionary, issued back in 70-80ies is out of date, because contains too many marxism leninism notions, as well as Lenin's quotes.

According to him, the electronic version of the 20-volume dictionary has been created in the virtual lexicographic lab. 18 volumes of the dictionary contain about 200 thousand words and 70 thousand phrases. Other two volumes contain 100 thousand geographical names. The dictionary also contains slang and vulgarism, though totally taboo vocabulary is not included, Shyrokov noted.

The official informed that the fist volume was issued in small circulation in the end of 2010. "We could not issue more because we were lack of funding," Shyrokov explained and added it was planned to issue 20 volumes of 50 thousand printed samples of circulation before 2016, 25th anniversary of Ukraine's independence.

The National Academy official also pointed out that electronic dictionaries become very popular among population. According to him, electronic dictionaries are issued on state order of 10 thousand CDs annually.

"Such number of samples is still not enough. That's why a lot of unlicensed copies of 'Dictionaries of Ukraine' circulate within internet. On one hand this is a violation of copy rights, but on the other hand we don't persecute the hackers, because we believe they do a good deed, promoting the Ukrainian language," Shyrokov said.

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