Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin repeats once again that the Customs Union is beneficial for Ukraine. "We have checked the figures for several times. The economic benefit of Ukraine will be nine milliard dollars annually," Putin told a session of the investment forum "Russia is calling!"

He noted that Ukraine takes money from IMF "at good rate and for a long term", but anyway will have to give it back. "Here (Customs Union - ed.) they can get money annually," he said.

"Nobody will let Ukrainian agricultural products in European markets. May be they let to sell 2 liters of milk, not more," Putin added.

The Russian Premier also forecasts that in case of formation of the free trade area with the EU Ukrainian aviation production and shipbuilding 'will die' because of tough competition.

As one of the advantages of mutual cooperation, Putin pointed out common language and mentality. He noted that sessions of the EU are held with participation of 27 interpreters. "While translating from one language to another they lose half of the meaning," Putin said.

According to Russian Premier, the majority of the Ukrainian people must come to understanding of integration expedience. "When Ukrainians understand that Customs Union will increase their welfare, Ukraine will join it," Putin believes.

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