The parliament of Ukraine is holding hearings on "Reformation of Interior Ministry organs and introduction of European standards" with participation of Interior Minister Anatoly Mohyliov, ForUm correspondent reports.

Opening the hearings the speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn declared that the reformation process is an urgent issue but it does not need any politicization. According to the speaker, it is necessary to bring back people's trust in law enforcement bodies. He also reminded that the ministry had been deprived of such income item as obligatory motor vehicle inspection. "This gap must be refilled with something," Lytvyn said.

In his turn, the Interior Minister Anatoly Mohyliov focused on improving the image of police forces, saying the public polls prove low level of trust in the law enforcement officials. He also described a new threat in the form of 'modern criminal'. "It is an educated person, equipped with modern technologies and speaking foreign languages," Mohyiov said.

The Minister complained that law enforcement bodies are not well equipped, and that not enough attention is paid to education and financial and housing provision of police officers. "Events in Odessa (arrest operation of suspect contract killers - ed.) revealed all problems of the police - lack of people and ammunition," Mohyliov said.

Summing up the Interior Minister underlined that the system is in bad condition and needs reformation. "We have studied the reformation experience of many European countries. Experience of Poland suits us the most," he said.

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