Since the new rules of currency exchange were introduced the National Bank of Ukraine has saved USD 0.5 milliard from the national reserve, NBU head Srhiy Arbuzov declared.

"For these days we have save more than half a milliard of reserved dollars," he said. According to Arbuzov, the currency saving is connected with the limited possibilities of its exchange for "shadow" sector of economy.

"Consumer demand is satisfied, and there are no lines in the currency exchange offices, while 'shadow' business can no longer use the exchange service as before," NBU head said.

Arbuzov also informed that NBU is considering a possibility to enlarge the list of documents necessary for currency exchange. He specified that this concerns Ukraine's residents only. "All we can do is to enlarge the list of documents, which can be presented for currency exchange procedure by residents. We are working on it," he said.

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