For most people in Ukraine it is important that employers pay them official salary - this is the opinion of 72% of the respondents surveyed by Research & Branding Group.

52% of the Ukrainians are ready to demand from employers the payment of official salaries, UKRINFORM reported.

Two thirds of the Ukrainians (61%) are of the opinion that employers should be responsible for 'envelope salaries', and only 3% believe that this is the responsibility of employees. Another 16% of respondents are of the opinion that this is the responsibility of both employers and employees in equal measure.

Informal income by place of employment in the form of wages in an envelope or gratuity was called as the main by 7% of the pollees.

At the same time, for 39% of the respondents an official salary at the principal place of work is the key source of income; for about the same amount this is a pension (32%) and other social benefits (8%).

Every tenth inhabitant of this country (12%) called farmland as the main source of income; one in twenty (5%) called lumpsum receipts from sales, mediation, etc.

The survey was conducted from 6 to 16 September using personal interviews in 24 regions of Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

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