Talks about people's rights to unconventional sexual orientation are old as hills. Some countries allow same-sex marriages, give a right to gays and lesbians to become priests and adopt children; other countries still consider such people an outcast.

In Ukraine opinions vary. The relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is about to consider a draft bill from Communist party MP on children's rights on secure information, which provides among others for prohibition of homosexuality promotion.

Punishment for violation is from 2 to 5 years of imprisonment, light punishment - suspension from work with children for the term from 3 up to 7 years.

ForUm asked politicians, human rights activists and public figures whether Ukraine really needs this kind of law and whether such law violates the rights of sexual minorities.

Oles Buzina, writer:

- This draft bill is right. Homosexuality cannot be promoted. I believe homosexuality is pathology. The nature provides for people to reproduce, otherwise humans as a kind will cease to exist.

Homosexuality is a disease, and a cure will be found one day.

I don't say that gay people must be put in jail. It's not their fault if they were born like this. But those who promote such style of life endanger children's psyche.

I don't think that this draft bill violates the rights of sexual minorities. I just believe that gay people must be limited in their choice of profession. Gay people just cannot be teachers!

Homosexuality is a sin and pure evil. If a sick person does not take antibiotics, a virus will kill him eventually. This draft bill is a kind of antibiotic against homosexuality.

Denis Bogush, political strategist:

- Excuse me, how do you define promotion or propaganda? For example you drew a picture on which two men are holding hands. Should it be considered a promotion of homosexuality?

National publishing company 'Soyuzpechat' issues a journal "One of us" for homosexual people. Does it promote homosexuality? Should it be closed?

How about members of the parliament? In fact, some of them have actually become MPs due to their sexual orientation. Does this deputy promote homosexuality? Should he be imprisoned?

The question is not whether to adopt such prohibition, but to define what promotion is. And who will define what promotion is? There are more questions than answers. I believe this law is inapplicable.

Oleksandr Holub, MP (Communist party faction):

- Our position is that the society must protect its moral values. As for the crimes against children, such offenders must be submitted to death sentence.

I cannot say whether there is a promotion of homosexuality in Ukraine at the level of children. If there is, obviously it must be prohibited. Anyway, Ukraine has bigger problems to solve.

Lilia Hryhorovych, MP (Our Ukraine faction), secretary of VR health care committee:

- I believe we need this law. The fact is that homosexuality can be congenital and acquired. If a child was born like this, he will remain like this, and the draft bill does not violate any rights of sexual minorities. But acquired homosexuality is a result of such propaganda, when a child sees similar example.

A case in point. A Ukrainian woman went to the United States to see her grandchildren. One day she went out with them for a walk, when they saw a gay parade. The girl got scared, but the boy did not say a word. Later in response to the question what he wants to become, the boy answered - a gay. He did not know what it means; he just saw a bright festival. Having compared it with the routine of the parents he made conclusions.

That's why the promotion of such things must be prohibited, and congenital form should not be showed off. Hence, not violating the rights of sexual minorities we just don't want popularization of forms of unconventional sexual orientation.

Oleksandr Zinchenko, manager of the center for gay people "Our world":

- In our country homosexuality is not a criminal action or deviance. It is absolutely illegal to introduce administrative or criminal responsibility for promotion of homosexuality.

What is this propaganda? After the adoption of this law I won't be able to speak about the work of my organization with my straight friend, I won't be able to tell my straight brother that I am a gay just because it would be considered as promotion and I'll be persecuted fro this.

To protect its rights our organization works within the legal field and attracts foreign colleagues. The adoption of this draft bill will result in another problem with Europe. As far as I know PACE is already preparing a disapproving resolution.  

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