MP of Ukraine Volodymyr Zubanov said that gas contracts with Russia, signed by Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in 2009, caused huge losses to Ukrainian state and all its citizens. He said on Thursday, September 29, responding to journalists' questions at Kyiv Pechersk court, forUm learned from the party press office.

According to the MP, in Tymoshenko case there are at least three aspects: political, social-economic and legal. He also noted that the gas agreements were signed before the presidential election. "And 20% discount, which was given for a year, can be considered as political; as political can be considered the moment that the documents were kept secret, even former President Yushchenko could not get them," the politician informed.

"This agreement, which was signed in January 2009, has no analogues in world practice, the details show a low professional level of those involved in these contracts, and personally Yulia Tymoshenko. So we see that these contracts caused huge losses to the country and all its citizens. Of course, this is socio-economic component that is present in this process," Volodymyr Zubanov explained.

At the request to comment on the legal aspect of the case, MP suggested to wait for completion of adjudication.

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