Ukraine has serious problem with demography, Tetiana Bahteyeva, Party of Regions MP and the head of the parliamentary committee on health care told a briefing at the opening ceremony of a fertility clinic "Mother and child", ForUm's correspondent reports.

"Statistics says that the demographic crisis has been winning over us for the last 20 years. We have lost six million Ukrainians. 52 children are born every hour, while 86 people die," she said.

The MP also underlined that Ukraine has a sterility problem, saying that two, may be three million sterile families are on file. "Our country needs modern methods of examination and new equipment," she said.

The MP also reminded that the President Viktor Yanukovych set a task to overcome the demographic crisis and to increase population of Ukraine up to 50 million by 2020.

"Well, it's very ambitious, but realistic," Bahteyeva said and added that if we don't start now the UN forecast on Ukraine's population decreasing to 30 million people by 2030 can come true.

The MP pointed out that Ukraine has a state program on sterility fight, but lack of financing does not allow helping everyone. She underscored that the state needs cooperation with private clinics.

According to her, Kyiv may conclude a contract with a private clinic to help residents of the capital. Bahteyeva informed that only Kyiv numbers from 200 to 300 thousand men and women, who need professional help of fertility clinics.

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