Ukraine builds its society on the basis of principles of democracy, humanism, tolerance and social justice. There is no place for racial violence and aggression, the Ukrainian president says in his address to the Ukrainian nation on the 70th anniversary of the tragedy in Babi Yar, ForUm learned in the presidential press office.

"It has been 70 years since the autumn of 1941 when executions of civilians began in Babi Yar of the occupied Kyiv. Thousands of people of different nationalities were martyred on these slopes," the statement says.

The Head of State believes Babi Yar was one of the most horrible tragedies of the last century. ""Our nation has gone through much suffering, survived Holodomor and the burden of the Great Patriotic War.," reads the statement posted on the official website of the head of state. It's hard to comprehend what happened in Babi Yar. It's hard to find words to express the depth of our condolences and sorrow," Yanukovych says.

According to the president, chauvinism, xenophobia and intolerance can not be fought only by force or politics. The struggle against this evil should pass through the soul of each one of us.

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