MP of Ukraine from the Party of Regions Ivan Popescu said that one of the reasons for activity of a number of European politicians, advocating the former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, is the desire of states, represented by these politicians, to save the price on gas transit, which is delivered to them through the territory of Ukraine.

He said this on Wednesday, September 28, commenting on the debate in the European Parliament of the forthcoming Summit "Eastern Partnership", ForUm learned from the Party of Regions press office.

According to Ivan Popescu, predominantly in favour of former Prime Minister of Ukraine speak Tymoshenko EPP partners, and they show solidarity with the leader of "Fatherland" party, which is EPP member and partner.

"The EPP representatives are in power in countries that consume Russian gas, and in signed by Tymoshenko agreement the gas transit price remains unchanged," the MP explained.

"And they understand it well that if it is proved that the agreements were signed in violation of our rules and laws, the prices on transit will be reviewed. This means that the gas price will increase for them. And on the eve of their elections, they can not afford it because their voters will give them a proper assessment. So, when they defend Tymoshenko, they formally defend their economic interests and natural gas prices. But Ukraine as a state suffers all costs and damages," Ivan Popescu emphasized.

At the same time he added that Europe does not raise the question concerning other former Prime Ministers, who are prosecuted. "For example, former Prime Minister of Croatia, who was also detained. Former Prime Minister of Iceland, who is prosecuted for incompetence," MP explained.

"Why don’t they pay attention to what's going on in Iceland? Because Iceland does not supply gas, there is no gas pipeline through the territory of Iceland," he said.

"The price of gas transit is one of those being sometimes speculated (by European politicians - Ed.). This point plays objectively into the hands of those EPP forces, who are in power in Italy, France and Germany," Ivan Popescu emphasized.

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