Student of the national university "Kyiv-Mohylianska academy" Daria Stepanenko, who hit education minister Dmytro tabachnyk with flower bouquet, intends to break the contract with the university.

According to the press office of "Brotherhood of Saint Lukas", member of which is Daria, the reason of breaking the contract is alleged disapproval of the student's actions from the academy side. Four other students will join Stepanenko.

The statement of the Brotherhood says that on September 26 the students' board with participation of university president Serhiy Kvit decided to deprive Stepnenko of university diploma, provided in accordance with corporate contract, and to give her a diploma of state model.

Later academy president Kvit declared the student would not be punished, but she and her followers decided not to accept "indulgent disapproval" and to break the contract.

"The university does not merit to diploma me, "Stepanenko stated.


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