The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov informed that NBU officials are analyzing the situation on the market and discussing expediency of new rules for currency exchange procedure.

"We don't exclude that within the time, when citizens get used to new rules, we will allow banks to perform currency exchange procedure of small amount without passport presentation," Arbuzov said. At the same time he did not specify the amount of currency, which could be changed without passport.

NBU head assured that passport data of citizens is a banking secrecy and can be revealed to tax administration of monitoring service only by court order.

As for the rules of currency exchange for foreigners, nothing has changed, Arbuzov said. "They have a right only to sell currency and can buy it back while leaving the country. Free sell of currency to foreigners never existed in Ukraine," he noted.

In response to the question what caused the change of rules for currency exchange procedure, NBU head explained that the practice of checking client's residence exists since 1993 by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers. However, banks did not follow the limits of currency exchange procedure.
According to Arbuzov it resulted in that "any inflation rumors or activity of shadow sector of economy were causing feverish demand of currency cash, which led to its withdrawal from the banking turnover."

Secondly, NBU head noted, such practice exists in Italy, Hungary, Greece, China, Japan, Russia, Bulgaria and some other countries. Directives of FATF require the state to check that clients who perform exchange in large amount do not use this money on criminal purpose.

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