Judging from the draft state budget 2012 the authorities want to hold their positions with force, Pavlo Zhebrivki, a member of the parliamentary committee on budget, said in an interview with ForUm.

According to him, the state budget provides for sudden increase of expenses for force authorities.
This was confirmed by a member of parliamentary committee on economic policy Oleksiy Plotnykov. "Yes, we stand for better conditions of work for police. It is necessary to remove the most odious gaps in its financing. The police must have money for petrol to patrol streets," the MP pointed out.

Zhebrivski added that the draft budget also provides for extended expenses for juridical system. According to him, courts get additional UAH 1.9 milliard from court duties.

"According to new rules, a judge of local court will get 13,000 of wage, and a court of an appeal court - 16 thousand," Zhebrivski said.


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