On the eve of the summit 'Eastern partnership" in Warsaw the human rights activist and Ukraine's politician Stepan Khmara asked European politicians several questions regarding the case of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"The first question is where Ukraine should take more than 400 million dollars to pay off the debt of the private company of Yulia Tymoshenko 'Common economic systems of Ukraine'. On June 1 this year Russia sent a letter with a demand to pay off the debts of the company organized by Tymoshenko and Lazarenko, who being a prime minister back then gave state guarantees under that loan," Khmara said in comments to UNN.

The politician also wants to know why Europe does not take into account the fact that because of Tymoshenko's activity Ukraine faces great problems, including the gas issue. "Why do you turn the blind eye to the results of the enslaving contract Tymoshenko signed with Russia?" he said.

"The third question is why you declare that the Kyiv court is not fair, when the court has not issued a verdict yet. Why do you respect the court of your country, but not ours," Khmara added.

"Don't you see how many people were imprisoned because of Tymoshenko's fraud? What, it turns out that she made everybody a thief, and now she is fooling everyone playing the victim of political repressions," the politician asked his next question.

Summing up Stepan Khmara asked why Europe supports those, who actually want to destroy European choice of Ukraine. "Signing this contract with Moscow Tymoshenko weakened Ukraine, making everything possible for Europe to turn away from Ukraine. Don't you understand this?," Khmara pointed out.

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