A female student slapped Ukraine's Education Minister Dmytro Tabachnyk in the face with a bunch of flowers on Thursday in response to a government ban on student protests.

17-year-old Darya Stepanenko, a student at the country's elite Kyiv-Myhailovska academy approached Tabachnyk at a forum for senior European education officials taking place in Kiev.

Instead of handing him the bouquet, which is common practice after top officials make speeches to large audiences, she tried to stuff the flowers in his face.

Tabachnyk blocked Stepanenko by grabbing her arm, after which she was escorted from the lecture hall by police.

The minister assured he is calm and quiet regarding the incident. When journalists asked the minister on the fact that the girl was detained by police, Tabachnyk said he was not interested in this case, ForUm's correspondent reported.

Police department instituted an administrative case against the student, obliging her to appear before court.

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