MP of Ukraine, Chairman of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction, Olexander Yefremov said that the draft budget for 2012 provides wage increases for public sector employees on more than 20%. He said this during the briefing at the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, ForUm leaned in the Party of Regions press office.

Asked about the shortcomings of the document, the politician, in particular, noted that the draft budget does not provide the wage increases for ordinary employees of city, district and state administrations in the regions. "Ordinary employees of administration receive today salaries from 900 to 1200 UAH, on which it is extremely difficult to live," Olexander Yefremov noted.

"From my point of view, it is not correct, when some public sector ordinary employees receive more than 20 percent premium to the salary, and others who are directly responsible for situation in the region, receive very low wages," MP said. "Thus, we give rise to elements of corruption," he stressed.

"We do not want to deal with this, so extra attention should be paid to this question. Ministry of Finance is already informed about this," Olexander Yefremov summed up.

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