Ukraine favors greater involvement of the United Nations General Assembly in international life and strengthening its "voice" in addressing a wide range of global issues, President Viktor Yanukovych said in his address at the UN General Assembly general debate in New York.

"The modem world puts before the United Nations new, complex and increasingly difficult objectives.

Improving the effectiveness of our joint work is, however, not possible without a comprehensive reform of the Organization and of its principal organs, including the modernization of the Security Council.

Ukraine is open for discussions on all the progressive concepts of the reform, which could bring United Nations Member States to the broadest possible agreement.

The consideration of interests of all regional groups represents an indispensable component of the process of reforming the Security Council.

Ukraine deems necessary to grant at least one additional non-permanent seat of the expanded UN Security Council to the Group of Eastern European States," President Yanukovych said, ForUm learned from the pressidential press office.


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