Members of the parliament have not come to unanimous opinion regarding the social-economic program and draft state budget 2012, submitted today to the parliament, ForUm's correspondent reported.

Oppositional Premier Serhiy Sobolev (BYuT) told ForUm that he has a feeling these two documents were made for another country, not Ukraine. Sobolev said he did not understand anything about social benefits and disapprove "essential increase of financing the Administration of the President against decrease of financing the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada."

As for the financing of social programs and law enforcement, Sobolev said: "It is rather interesting situation. Financing of the army is reduced, while more money is allocated for financing Special Forces, which specialize in suppressing actions within the country."

He also criticized the decision to increase financing for prosecutor's office and minimal increase of the minimum wage.

In his turn, Party of Regions faction leader Oleksandr Yefremov told ForUm that all articles of the draft budget are priorities for his political force. He said the party called upon mayors and governors to present their comments on the draft budget for consideration.

As a negative fact Yefremov pointed out absence of increase of salaries for state employees. At the same time the MP said the daft budget is real, and with adequate distribution of finances it would be possible to allocate additional means for social matters.

Taras Chornovil, MP of "Reforms for future sake" informed that the parliament would continue working on the drat budget. 'Today the parliament included the draft budget in agenda, which means we will keep working on it. The budget committee will consider proposition of the MPs and committees, and only then it will be submitted for consideration in its first reading," he told ForUm.

Chornovil also drew attention to the fact that he did not find any mentioning of benefits for Afghan soldiers and Chernobyl liquidators. "Not to take into consideration the demands of Afghan soldiers and Chernobyl liquidators is quite serious," he said.

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