The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) considers it impractical to return to the mixed proportional-majority system of parliamentary elections in Ukraine. This is disclosed in an expert opinion of the IFES concerning a bill on elections of people's deputies of Ukraine, posted on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

IFES experts say that such major changes to electoral law should not be taken at short notice and without public consensus on this issue, UKRINFORM reported.

The IFES also believes that raising electoral threshold for parties from 3% to 5% worsens the prospects of small political parties in just one year before the elections [parliamentary elections will be held in October 2012].

Thus, the IFES has actually repeated observations of the Venice Commission about the impossibility to introduce a mixed system without extensive debate with all political forces.

In addition, the IFES expert opinion contains a number of objections to the bill, as well as several positive reviews, which generally coincide with a brief preliminary conclusion of the Venice Commission.

Thus, IFES experts criticized the ban to run for deputy with the criminal record (without specifying the severity of the crime); inability to establish the sources of party financing; creating opportunities for multiple voting.

Among the positive innovations the IFES named a broad media access to elections; training of chairmen of election commissions; the possibility to change the lists on election day.

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