Degradation of family institute is observed in Ukraine, deputy minister on family, youth and sport Yuri Sizenko told parliamentary hearings on "Family institute, its condition, problems and ways of solving them," ForUm's correspondent reported.

"According to State Statistic Committee data, in 2010 there was 37.8% of families with children, 73.5% of which were with one child, 23.5% with two children and only 3%with three and more children," he informed.

Sizenko noted that every decade a number of families with children decreases, and large families become an exception. "There is a contradiction in the public opinion regarding large families: while families with 3-5 children are treated pretty positively, families with more children meet quite negative attitude," the deputy minister added.

The official also stated that open marriage becomes more popular in modern Ukraine. "And as a result, every fifth child is born out of official family," Sizenko noted.

In addition, he pointed out that Ukraine, together with Belarus and Russia, is in the top three leaders on divorces in Europe.


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