Wednesday morning, September 21, the so-called "prayer breakfast", the first in the history of Ukraine, took place in one of the most expensive restaurants of Kyiv. Ukrainian and European politicians, members of church councils, public figures and experts gathered to discuss problems of children protection and family values.

"Three years ago, September 21, the first prayer group numbering15 MPs was formed in the parliament," the group leader and MP Pavel Anguryn told journalists. "Since then we meet every Thursday for prayer breakfast to discuss Christian values and lobby draft bills, which promote spiritual morality."

After the "Our Farther" prayer the participants proceeded to the breakfast itself - delicious, exquisite and very expensive dishes, mostly salads. But the guests, of course, were eating for free. Among the guests were seen MPs David Zhvania, Oksana Bilozir, Taras Chornovil and Yuri Pavlenko, deputy Kyiv mayor Oleksandr MAzurchak and others.

The presenter of the breakfast Oksana Bilozir pointed out that our land used to be a carrier of high moral, and that the task of the Christian forum is to resurrect it.

The movement of 'prayer breakfast' exist in the world for 50 years, and in Europe for about 15, while in Ukraine it is the first one, said the president of European Christian political movement Peeter Võsu. "I know that the Christian history in this country numbers more than thousand years. The task of our prayer breakfast is to get closer to the Christian roots. It will help Ukraine as a nation, as well as development of the country."

According to Peeter, such affairs are directed to construction of political dialogue between political parties and opponents, search for compromise. There is nothing similar in Ukraine now, according to him.

In response to the question regarding the fact that the meeting is taking place in a restaurant, where an average order costs a minimal wage, he said that such meetings must be held at the high level, not to lose face in front of European guests.


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