Andriy Bychenko, director of the Razumkov Center sociological service, believes that despite growing protest moods in Ukraine, the possibility of "really serious, with consequences," protests" is not very high.

"Most likely, before the election in 2012 we will not see very large-scale actions, which would fundamentally affect the situation in the country. But it also can not be ruled out. I would rate the likelihood of such events before 2012 at 20 percent," he has said at a press conference, UKRINFORM reported.

According to the expert, major protests will not occur for political, socio-economic reasons, however they can be accompanied with political slogans.

Bychenko believes that traditional for democratic society methods of influencing government in Ukraine are ineffective. "Therefore, citizens have only two ways to influence the government - elections that are not held even yearly, and protests," the sociologist underlined.

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