On Monday, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn attended the international forum "State-Private Partnership in the Field of Minimization of Hazards Foundation of a Competitive State in the 21st Century." The forum was organized by the International Foundation "Minimization of Hazards" jointly with the sub-committee on sustainable development of the Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly.

Welcoming the participants of the forum, the Head of the Parliament stated that minimization of hazards is essential, as "we are living in the world of hazards that we have created by ourselves, and now we have to eliminate them." He stated that the world is becoming more and more globalized and interdependent, and no field of human life is free of hazards and potential threats. He said that it concerns politics, economy, industry, IT and social sector.

V.Lytvyn considers poverty the most pressing problem of Ukraine. "It is the cause of all other problems," he stressed, citing the data from the public opinion polls and the Ministry of Social Policy and Labour. "By the development of human potential, Ukraine occupies 69th place out of 170 countries, while aggregate income of different categories of population for the last year differed by 5,4 times and even more among the villagers," he informed, "However, this difference will reach ten times, if shadow economy is considered." According to the research of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, 23% of urban residents and 38% of villagers of Ukraine (25% on average) have the income lower than the minimum living wage.  More than 12 million citizens have an aggregate income lower than the minimum wage. "When 130 richest citizens possess USD 120 billion, and their property equals the GDP of the country, the problem turns into a great hazard," V.Lytvyn stressed, VR press office reported.  

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine informed that research and empirical observations prove that the country is becoming more politically unstable, as the threshold of poverty exceeds 10 per cent. Along these lines, Volodymyr Lytvyn emphasized that stability in Ukraine is due to "people´s tolerance and shadow economy." According to the Chairman, "the problem of poverty can not be solved with mere calls and accusations without practical actions and individual approach."

Another economic threat, according to V.Lytvyn is populism, namely, promises of politicians which are not based on economic grounds.

One of the biggest challenges and threats for Ukraine, according to the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, is the lack of understanding of common responsibility of authorities and the politicians. "Ukraine shall develop as a state and we shall determine our future, how we would face new challenges and furnish our domestic life, making our life safer. It is a task for the new stage of the state development for the next ten years," he declared.

V. Lytvyn is convinced that the European community and Ukraine have to face the same challenges. "We shall discuss consequences and reasons of such challenges and threats, because we are Europeans and we represent the interests of 800 million citizens of the united Europe. More and more Ukrainians appreciate the European way of life, and are aiming to become a real part of Europe. We are united in our intentions, which consolidates political powers and Ukrainian parliament," V.Lytvyn declared.

The Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament stressed, "We shall be in Europe, and Europe shall be integral without division lines." He is convinced that the Parliamentary Assembly has a great potential. V. Lytvyn expressed gratitude to M. Çavusoğlu for understanding and appreciating the strategic plans. V. Lytvyn emphasized, "We can not change the world, but we can make it safer and more responsible it is our task."

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