Some of these days Kyiv commemorated Georgiy Gongadze 'murder anniversary' - 11 years. ForUm joined the action to learn the moods and opinions of the people.
September 17, the day of Gongadze's disappearance, Vladimirsky Cathedral served requiem in the memory of 65 journalists, died because of their professional activity during all years of Ukraine's independence.

About 200 people gathered on Maydan square, mostly journalists. Participants of the action held posters 'Georgiy, we remember', 'Murderers, go to jail', Ukraine, shame on you'. 

When everybody lit candles with names of the deceased, people went to the Administration of President, blocking one side of the street. However, police did not interfere.

During the march, people chanted 'Criminals, go away' and 'Gia is in our heart'.

"It's been 11 years we are yelling this and no result. we should invent something more creative," someone from the crowed said.

Near the Administration of President the participants of the action expressed their doubts in the official version of murder contractor, as well as voiced their suspicions regarding political games around Gongadze's case and demanded fair and transparent trial.

"For me this is a memorial day of a man I knew personally, and of a journalists I respected professionally, - Andriy Kulikov, the presented of 'Freedom of Speech' TV show told ForUm. - This data underlines that our profession is not only dangerous, but very needed."

"For me this is a memorial day on that how a word can mean death and life at the same time - death for a person and new life for the whole country," Svytoslav Schegolko, a presenter of Channel 5, shared his opinion with ForUm.

Ex-major Mykola Melnichenko, the main character of the Gongadze's case, also appeared at the place, but refused to comment on his participation in this action, referring everybody to his lawyer.

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