The National Bank of Ukraine, continuing a series "Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine" puts into circulation September 16 the memorial coin of UAH 50 face value, dedicated to the St. Sophia Cathedral founded in 11th century, the NBU informed banks by a letter.

"The St. Sophia Cathedral at all times fascinated by its "greatness and till now makes an extraordinary impression as an outstanding creation of architecture and monumental painting," the letter emphasizes.

The coin is made of 999-standard silver: net weight - 500.0 grams, diameter - 85.0 mm, circulation - up to 1,000 coins. Local guilding is a decoration element (net gold content is less than 0.000634 grams).

Over 1995-2010, the National Bank put into circulation over 470 types of memorial and jubilee coins of Ukraine. In 2011, it is planned to issue 35-38 names of memorial and jubilee coins.


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