The opposition will seek a reduction in funding for the maintenance of the Presidential Administration, the Cabinet of Ministers and other pro-government structures, Verkhovna Rada deputy chairman and BYT MP Mykola Tomenko said.

"A preliminary analysis shows that funding for the maintenance of the government and parliament has been partially reduced, but it has increased for the maintenance of the president's activities," he told a briefing on Monday.

Tomenko said that the state budget for 2012 had been formed by the government "only for their own people."

Mykola Tomenko was also surprised by the fact that the Government was ready to work together with the Party of Regions and other pro-authority parties, and did not wish to deal with the opposition.

"It is a strange approach, since the Government dealt only with the 'right' parties, while a 'right' budget is the one adopted by the authorities, the opposition, the local self-government and the whole society together", deputy chairman emphasized.

In addition, Tomenko focused on the problems with financial support of the local self-government. "Local self-government will be in decline again. I am not sure whether they will be able to make both ends meet and how they will cover the social expenditures," he admitted. 

"Budget expenditures were cut down in the sphere of education, physical culture, sports, and public health", Tomenko noted.

Summing up, Tomenko stressed that the opposition is ready for a serious discussion of the budget. He hopes that the authorities will listen to them, not only to the pro-authority factions.

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