Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin declares that joining the Customs Union is more beneficial for Ukraine than integration into European zone.

The Russian premier doubts that Ukraine will join the EU under conditions of such problems in the European zone. "It is absolutely unreal, but as a strategy quite possible," he said in Sochi.

At the same time he underlined that here comes a question of economic practicability. According to Putin, Ukraine should use benefits from cooperation of Ukraine's and Russia's economies, including advantages of common transport and energy, common mentality and culture, as well as absence of language barrier.

"These and other factors will secure competitiveness of Ukrainian and Russian economies, as well as of other participants of the Customs Union. I believe that aspirations to integrate into another side are rather of political and emotional character,  because if they look at the numbers it would become obvious that the Customs Union is more beneficial," Putin pointed out.

In addition, the RUssian premier noted that the Customs Unon would integrate into common European space. According to him, French president Nicolas Sarkozy once declared an intention to create common EuroRussian economic area.

"One does not clashes with another, but of course we cannot impose anything on our partners. We will cooperate with Ukraine in any case," Putin summed up.

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