Deportation of the leader of Kazak organization 'Sobol' Vitaly Khramov to Russia for his double citizenship is a dangerous precedent, which can provoke a scandal around the question of double citizenship, Volodymyr Kornilov, the director of Ukrainian branch of the Institute of CIS countries commented on the event.

"This fact is a shame for Ukraine. I don't  want to estimate actions and preferences of Mr Khramov, but the fact is that this person is a citizen of Ukraine. Announcing him a persona non-grata is quite dangerous precedent. According to this logic it is possible to deprive citizenship of any Ukrainian, inconvenient for the authorities," Kornilov said.

According to the expert, obtaining the passport of the Russian Federation by Khramov is not a ground to deprive him of Ukrainian citizenship. "According to the international agreements, his actions and declarations must be considered as actions of a citizen of Ukraine. If tomorrow we start depriving Ukrainian citizenship of every "double" citizen, the population of Ukraine will essentially decrease, and only 20-25% out of total MPs will remain in the Verkhovna Rada," Kornilov added.


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