Ukraine wants clarity from Russia and the EU on the prospects of using its transit system to supply Russian gas to Europe, Prime Minister's spokesman Vitaliy Lukianenko told reporters commenting on the launch of the Nord Stream pipeline by Russia, UKRINFORM reported.

"Russia is building a bypass pipeline around Ukraine. Ukraine wants to get a clear answer, whether in the future the Russian Federation plans to use the Ukrainian GTS. If not, its maintenance will become unprofitable for Ukraine, and Ukraine will have to dismantle the system," Lukianenko emphasized.

Lukianenko, quoting Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, recalled that the unique and essential component of the Ukrainian GTS is underground gas storage facilities located near the western border of Ukraine. They provide absolutely stable gas supplies to Western Europe under any circumstances. At the same time the bypassing pipelines - Nord and South Stream - do not have such opportunities as they are laid on the seabed and are subject to even more unexplored risks.

"If Ukraine discontinues the operation of its GTS, this poses a very serious risk factor for Europe. Therefore, Ukraine also wants to learn Europe's plans for the Ukrainian gas transit route, which provides a guaranteed supply of gas under all weather and environmental conditions," Lukianenko underscored.

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