District administrative court of Crimea granted immediate forced deportation to Russia the leader of the pro-Russian Kazak organization 'Sobol" Vitaly Khramov.

Law enforcement bodies initiated his deportation for illegal possession of Ukrainian passport and double citizenship - Khramov is simultaneously a citizen of Russia and Ukraine.

The court agreed with the conclusions of the prosecution, which states that public activity of 'Sobol' leader results in spread of interethnic and religious hatred, and that his further stay on the territory of Ukraine "threatens the public order."

The court forbid Khramov entering Ukraine for the next five years, and last night the Kazak was deported immediately.

Khramov did not agree with the court decision, saying it was politically motivated. According to him, the government of Crimea took revenge for his anti-power statements.

The Kazak leader repeatedly declared that he had been living in Crimea for 27 years and got Ukrainian citizenship automatically, when Ukraine became independent. The court has not considered his arguments convincing enough.

Khramov is well known for his public insults aimed at Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians and Jewish. Four criminal cases were instituted against him for stirring interethnic hatred.


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