Party of Regions deputy Vadym Kolesnichenko has worked out a draft bill "on fighting extremism", in which he proposes to formalize a notion 'extremism' and to introduce criminal responsibility for extremist activity.

According to the author of the document, extremism is 'activity of an individual or organization, directed at forced invasion of power or illegal interference into activities of authorities, invasion of principles of the constitutional order and national security.' Extremist activity is 'disturbance of legal work of state bodies, local authorities, electoral committees, public and religious unions or other organizations, as well as of officials of the abovementioned bodies, performed with violence or threat of using it.'

Kolesnichenko explained  that the necessity to adopt a law of this kind is dictated by rapid growth of extremism and terrorism in the world.

"Even we can observe similar tendencies lately - barricading of streets,  mass conflicts with police during protest actions," Kolesnichenko said.

As a method of fighting this phenomenon, the document provides for issuing a warning to an organization, activities of which were recognized as extremist. If during a year new facts of extremist actions appear, the organization will be liquidated and its activity forbidden.

The document also provides for punishment for individuals, taking part in activities of extremist organizations. In particular, individuals, who participate or help the activity of such organization face imprisonment up to five years.

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