The IXth session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will determine the development strategy in conditions of possible second wave of the global economic crisis, stated MP of Urkaine, Chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions, Olexander Yefremov.

Olexander Yefremov notes said that in case of the second wave of economic crisis the country's leadership must be prepared to reduction of demand for domestic goods.

"The last year and a half the economy is growing rapidly, as it is indicated by the GDP growth of 5%, and it gives hope that we are on the path of recovery and further growth. I really hope that there won’t be the second wave of crisis t, but to hope is one thing, and to prepare is another," noted the MP.

According to politician, "the focus of the near future is definitely a program of socio-economic development and subsequently the state budget for the next year." "These two documents will determine the development strategy of the state and the allocation of available funds," he said.

"Certainly, we will continue reforms in our country. In this regard, there are serious developments on the land issue, and this is probably one of the most painful issues which needs a very careful approach," mentioned Olexander Yefremov, according to "Ukrainian News".

The MP also said that the second set of issues scheduled for consideration at the IXth session concerns social issues in the health care system. "This work has begun, and the Parliament adopted the "pilot" solutions to reform the system in four regions. The results of these projects will allow making decision whether to implement them at national level," said the MP.

Another topic requiring continuation is a judicial reform, he said. "President in his speech in the Parliament stressed his intention to contribute actively to the continuation of judicial reform, up to establishment of a body that will focus on reforming the judicial branch of government," reminded Olexander Yefremov.

"The agenda includes also issues of changes to labour and housing legislation. Labour and Housing Codes have been already prepared and are waiting for consideration. They are worked out enough to be considered in the hall," summed up Olexander Yefremov.

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