President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych asks the government to implement reforms more effectively. The head of state underlined that executives, who cannot or do not want to work fruitfully must leave their chairs.

"When journalists ask whether there will be rotations in the government, I say they will be there, where a minister does not fulfill his obligations. A success, as well as failure will have a name," Yanukovych said, opening a session of the Committee on economic reforms.

The president stated as a fact, that officials have not changed their attitude to the work. "Official red tape, formalism and indifference remain among most distinctive features of the officialdom," he noted.

"When there is no result, it is obvious that an executive official is not in his place and must leave the post," the president said.

At present difficult times delaying of reforms is unacceptable, Yanukovych believes.



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