Appealing to international courts is an extreme measure Ukraine could turn to while solving the question of revision of gas contracts with Russia, President Viktor Yanukovych said in an interview to Ukrainian journalists in Dushanbe. 

According to him, in the talks with Russia Ukraine tries to hold back emotions, since we know that they do not benefit the case. "We are in a situation of Ukraine losing money. We believe that we bear excessive costs. We cannot sit and take no action to somehow resolve this issue," the President of Ukraine said. 

The President said there are two main aspects to reviewing the gas contracts. First of all, the agreement was signed by the business entities of Ukraine and Russia without taking into account the existing agreements between the two countries. "To be exact – in violation of these agreements," he said. 

"But if Russia does not agree with that, of course, we will then have to go to the international court. However, I hope we will have enough wisdom to find a common solution without the court. I consider the court as a last resort, when all our opportunities in the negotiations are exhausted," the President of Ukraine said. 

The second aspect, according to Viktor Yanukovych, is that Naftogaz Ukraine concluded the agreement having no authority approved by the Government. Whether Yulia Tymoshenko’s actions were in that case legal will be determined by the court, Viktor Yanukovych said. "We will get answer to this question very soon, I hope," he added. 

Viktor Yanukovych stressed that the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia should continue. "We should solve this problem together; there is no other way. Time will tell, how will we do that," he said. 

At the same time, the President stressed that Ukraine will not tolerate pressure in the negotiations. "Our position is principled and any pressure regarding this matter is humiliating for us. We will not tolerate being treated like that... being driven into a corner first, and then dictated the terms. It humiliates not me personally, but the state, and I can not allow this," Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

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