The results of a household opinion survey conducted by the State Statistics Committee showed that over 40% of Ukrainian families cannot afford even the most necessary goods. Though the results showed a certain positive trend, on the whole they are unfavorable. It turned out that 40.6% of Ukrainian families constantly refrain from buying the most necessary goods (this figure was 43.6% last year). Of them, 3.1% cannot even provide enough food (3.4% last year) and almost half of the polled (47.8% against 45.3% last year) said they have enough money for daily expenses, but do not have any savings.

Only every ninth family (11.6%) has the possibility of putting away money for a rainy day, Kyivweekly reported.

Rural families were more optimistic about their well-being, which experts attributed to the lower cost of living in the rural areas and that fact that these people live off their private farms.

Pollsters asked how respondents would spend additional incomes and received the following answers:

  medical treatment and recreation

  improvement of living conditions

  purchasing clothing and footwear

  purchasing household appliances

  improvement of nutrition and education


  putting away savings.

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