Chairman of the State Tax administration Oleksandr Klymenko declared that a number of millionaires dramatically increased. According to the tax official, this growth is a result of activities of the president and government, measurable already at this stage," at the stage of income increase for citizens of Ukraine."

At the same time, the official did not explain why the activity of the president and government resulted only in the income increase for millionaires, but not for the majority of the population. As known, UN estimated the decline of level of living by 10% for the year.

Data of 'Forbes' journal for 2010 reveals interesting numbers: economy of Ukraine increased by 4.2%, number of millionaires by 60% and capital of billionaires by 163%. The more interesting is the fact that official statistics of incorruptible State Tax Administration of Ukraine does not show any number of billionaires in Ukraine. All of them are Cyprians or Turkish, maybe?

The big business in Ukraine has means and resources to bribe the authorities for lobbying necessary decision, but in fact does not mention any worthy all-national projects.

Politicians in Ukraine speak about their "professionalism", but with the second from the bottom level of GDP in Europe and with people holding state position for decades it sounds simply inappropriate. The authorities are on vacation now, while the country is in such a d...situation, that if they thought a little, they would work night and day.

Well, there still is a sign of some evolution, microscopic though. After the media pressing about the fact that MPs, prosecutors, mayors, president's children and so on get welfare assistance from the budget (like they are disabled or single mothers), as many as 12 MPs out of 450 refused from this welfare assistance.

At the same time, more and more deputies have been seen registering some draft laws from "parallel reality" - like liquidation of taxes for yacht! import or permission to hunt in preserves.

May be the reason hides in history? Ukrainians think twice before get angry. There were very little bloodless revolutions in the world, like the Ukrainian Orange one.

Oleksandr Paliy


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