Ukraine has recognized the National Transition Council of Libya as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people.

"Recognizing the National Transitional Council the only lawful representative of the Libyan people, Ukraine turns to it with a demand to continue ensuring the safety of its citizens in Libya, including the protection of diplomatic staff of the Ukrainian Embassy in Tripoli," the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued on Thursday.

"UUkraine welcomes the completion of active phase of military operations in Libya and hopes for a final cessation of armed confrontation, restoring stability and strengthening of political processes, the ultimate goal of which should be the creation of a new prosperous democratic Libyan state," the statement reads.

Ukraine has called on the new Libyan government to work closely with the United Nations, which is the key institution coordinating international efforts to restore Libya after the conflict.

"We also intend to participate actively in the process of reconstruction, providing humanitarian aid and technical assistance to Libyans," the Foreign Ministry said.

Kyiv appreciates the fact that during the whole period of the conflict, both sides tried to prevent the violation of the rights of Ukrainian citizens, some of whom still continue providing medical aid to the victims.

"For many years, the Ukrainian and Libyan peoples maintained relations of friendship and mutual respect. Ukraine hopes that these relations will continue in the future. We reaffirm our readiness to continue the deepening of comprehensive mutually beneficial cooperation with Libya," the Foreign Ministry said.

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