Ukraine is one of the key suppliers of alternative fuels to the European market. Using different types of biofuels in the country, about 40% of the energy balance can be replaced by alternative energy sources, Ivan Nadein, the chief of the Committee of Ukraine's Energy Independence NGO, has said.

"Saving gas through biomass is obvious, since Ukraine provides up to 15% of European imports of these products. We are powerful players on the European market of this type of fuel. We estimate that 40% of the energy balance can be replaced using alternative energy sources," he noted, UKRINFORM reported.

The expert added that by the end of this year, Ukraine is expected to produce about 1 million tons of solid biofuel. Notably, 80% of biofuels are bought by EU countries.

Nadein said Ukraine only through the straw can receive about 20 million tons of biofuel. At the same time, the potential of wood products industry, in particular, sawdust, is about 7 million tons.

One of the problems of introducing alternative energy sources inside the country is the creation of appropriate infrastructure, in particular, the installment of special boilers throughout Ukraine, the expert underscored.

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