Yulia Tymoshenko's defense says that 213 pages have disappeared from the case file.

“213 pages of the case have disappeared,” Yulia Tymoshenko’s lawyer Oleksandr Plakhotnyuk said in court while Judge Rodion Kireyev was reading aloud the 14the volume of the case file.

Yulia Tymoshenko pointed out that this isn’t the only evidence that the criminal case against her was fabricated. “This is the second example where there are references to attachments, but there are no attachments in the case. This is the second time that materials that are being referenced don’t exist. This is evidence that the case was falsified, it was not prepared carefully,” the ex-premier said in court, according to Tymoshenko's official website.

Oleksandr Plakhotnyuk informed the court that the defense has photocopies of volumes 5-14 of the case, inclusively, but not the first four volumes.

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